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Tahoe Rock Goddess Kandy Xander - Tahoe Weekly.jpg

"Talk about great chemistry, here’s a band that studies various compositions of rock and implements them onstage.

Metal Echo revels with an amalgam of precious metal tracks." - Tim Parsons, Tahoe Onstage


"Hard rock hits with a woman’s touch"

-Sierra Sun/Lake Tahoe Action

"These guys and gals tore it up and really got the crowd ready for the main event. A great band to see live. Xander has so  much charisma on stage and had the entire audience eating out of her hand the whole show."   - John Tuckness / Review of Knitting Factory Reno


"Metal Echo makes it sound like you're at your favorite bands  personal concert.” - Keith Deisner- Owner of Pastime Club Truckee, CA


“Metal Echo slays it ! They got the whole bar singing along with the band's cover of Soundgarden's "Outshined" ! Absolutely sick!!”

Mr. D -  101.5 Truckee Tahoe Radio -Deep Tracks with Mr. D


“Can't wait to see this tight ass band perform again, what a group of talented musicians and talk about a powerful front woman- Kandy will blow you away! If you haven't seen them then you HAVE to make it out to this show and if you have already seen them...well I know you are already addicted to their amazing talents."  - Hit The Road Music Promotion

"Metal Echo tore the house down with exceptional vocals from Xander and great musicianship from all members of the band. A real treat to see live. An awesome set for sure.”  -John Tuckness Reno  Examiner Review of Knitting Factory -Reno 

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